Kurdistan Parliament condemns the Turkish military attacks on Kurds in Rojava

4/1/2018 7:08:00 AM

The Kurdistan Parliament on Tuesday (30/1/2018) condemned the Turkish military operation in the Syrian Kurdistan, city of Afrin, calling on the United Nations and the international community to halt the attacks as soon as possible.

At the request of the main Kurdish political parties, the Kurdistan Parliament held a special session to discuss the situation in Afrin, issuing several recommendations to put an end to the Turkish military operation against the Kurds in Rojava.

In an announcement following the meeting, the Kurdistan Parliament condemned the Turkish military attacks, calling on “the UN and the international community to make direct efforts to stop the unfair Turkish attacks on the Canton of Afrin in Rojava, Syrian Kurdistan.”

The parliament urged Turkey to obeythe international laws and respect neighborly relations, calling for an immediate stopfor its military violence.It also called for the border points between Rojava and Kurdistan to reopen so the required assistance can be transferred to the displaced people of Afrin.

The MPs said the people of Southern Kurdistan have a clear standpoint against the invasion of Turkish troops and listed the steps thatpeople of Southern Kurdistan and the KRG should take as follows:

1 - Calling on the countries of the world to stop the Turkish military attack on Western Kurdistan.

2- Denunciation the Turkish attack on the territory of western Kurdistan.

3. Calling on the United Nations and the International Community to support displaced people from Afrin and its areas because of Turkish shelling.

4-Calling the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) to open border crossings with Rojava and the distribution of material needed and start diplomatic relations for the Western Kurdistan as soon as possible.

5 - Calling on the United Nations Security Council to express its standpoint on the Turkish military attack on the Canton of Afrin.