Kurdistan Region Parliament convenes for electing leadership

2/18/2019 2:39:00 PM

Kurdistan Region Parliament convened on Monday 18th of February 2019 to elect the leadership which includes the speaker, first deputy speaker and the second deputy — also called secretary. The bloc of the PUK did not participate in the session. Since the PUK was absent, the KDP nominated Vala Farid to undertake the post of the parliament speaker.  Sipan Salim was the New Generation candidate for the position of speaker.

On the other hand, the KDP nominated Hemin Hawrami for the deputy speaker of the parliament while the New Generation nominated Kawa Abdulqadir. Turkmen blocs recommended Muna Qawachi for the position while the New Generation nominated Muzhda Mahmood.

At the end of the election process, Vala Farid from the bloc of KDP was elected as the speaker with 64 votes, Hemn Hawrami from the bloc of KDP as the first deputy speaker with 68 votes, and Muna Qahwachi as the secretary of the Kurdistan Parliament with 60 votes.