Deputy Speaker Hawrami and EU’s Head in Kurdistan Region discuss parliamentary process

4/10/2019 3:35:00 PM

10th April 2019 – Deputy Speaker Hemin Hawrami and Mr. Rebwar Abdulrahim Babkeyi MP today met Ms. Clarisse Pasztory, Head of the European Union’s Liaison Office in Erbil. The Deputy Speaker and the European Union’s representative discussed the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) formation process, which is making good progress. Mr. Hawrami and Ms. Pasztory agreed that the government should be formed as soon as possible to get on with its task of delivering services to the people.

Ms. Pasztory highlighted the technical assistance that the EU has provided for the KRG’s finance reforms, and Mr. Hawrami hoped that the EU will continue such support in the future.  He said that the Kurdistan Parliament should focus on laws that sustainably improve people’s lives, and will coordinate with the government on reform measures.

Mr. Babkeyi, Head of the Relations and Kurdish Diaspora Committee, and Ms. Pasztory discussed the possibility of strengthening relations between the Kurdistan Parliament and the European Parliament.

Deputy Speaker Hawrami outlined the law-making process in the Kurdistan parliament. He said that for the current Kurdistan Region presidency bill, MPs tabled many amendments, and those which were backed by at least three MPs will be put to voting at the bill’s third reading.  The bill calls for restoring the powers of the Kurdistan Region’s president, and temporarily changing the presidential election system from public vote to parliamentary vote until a Kurdistan constitution is enacted.